TWRP start and still looping.

After tried to encrypt my device (Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini - i8190L) from Settings menu in Cyanogenmod rom. It started to encrypt but in some point it stop and said that encrypt end unexpected and data cannot be accesible anymore until I reset device (factory settings), after that TWRP did not start as is expected, it still restarting in a loop.

I do not know what else say, if you need more details, please ask me!


After this error, I have tried:

  1. Reflashing the same Cyanogenmod rom.
  2. Reflashing TWRP recovery img.
  3. Flashing CWM recovery img.

I had the same problem. I solved it by flashing PARAM image. It seems that encryption is not supported yet in our software version. Encrypting the device corrupts the PARAM partition.

I used Heimdall to do it and downloaded the PARAM file here.

I hope it helps you.

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