How do I export and import binary files between Android devices and Windows OS as well as syncing the files between the two?


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You can connect the device to the PC with a USB cable and access it via Explorer in the same way that you would a thumb drive. In addition, I like using Dropbox to sync files in a wireless fashion. I find this to be much easier and does not restrict movement of handset.


You mean Desktop Windows, right? If you are using Eclipse, you can pull/push files using the DDMS perspective.

You can also use the command-line tools to accomplish the same. Have a look at Stack Overflow - Moving files to SDcard on Android.


Installing new apps can be done using adb tool from the Android SDK:

platform-tools\adb.exe install abc.apk

Same for downloading files:

platform-tools\adb.exe pull /sdcard/filexyz 

Or you use a GUI for ADB like DroidExplorer.

Via WLAN you can use software that shares the Android file system via HTTP or FTP. For example, if you use SwiFTP and change the shared folder from /sdcard to / you can access every file on the phone.

A connection via ADB is also possible in case you have a rooted phone - eg. via ADB wireless.

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