I updated Facebook Messenger to the latest version ( via the Google Play Store and now I keep getting the following message on my screen:

Unfortunately, Messenger has stopped.

I get that message, even though I did a Force Stop and cleared data via the App Info settings. I then reached out to Facebook Android Beta and their answer for any issue is same:

Try reinstalling the app and if you still experience the issue, report it within the app. -Kevin

I'm not sure how reinstalling the app would solve coding issues, but just to be fair, I went ahead and reinstalled it anyways. Needless to say that did NOT solve anything and I cannot report the issue within the app as it keeps crashing and I can't even launch it.

Is there anything else I can do besides uninstall it?

  • If you've recently updated to Marshmallow, reinstall it again - it may need to ask for permissions again.
    – user43185
    Oct 8, 2015 at 18:31

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Uninstall it for now, I have also gotten this last week and again today. It appears to be an update with the app that causes this. I uninstalled it today as well because it was constantly popping up.


I took following steps to resolve my issue:

I followed first link and opt-out from beta tester, and then later that day I opt-in back as Facebook resolved issue that caused for Messenger to crash.


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