The hardware I'm using:

  • OnePlus One, bought late december 2014

  • Stock Cyanogenmod, version 12.1 - YOG4PAS1N0 (= Android 5.1.1)

  • no apps to improve battery life in any way

Basically, the battery is just draining without any obviously strenuous activity. Previously, I would have competitions with a fellow OP1 user about who could push their battery life beyond the 3 day threshold. Now I go to work fully charged, the battery drops by 10% while I'm still on the 45min train ride to work and I return home with single digits or an empty battery.

After having a look at the battery stats I noticed this:


During work, I turned the screen on and off periodically to check WhatsApp and a little Fallout:Shelter (5min) on the loo but beyond that nothing happened. Screen battery usage was at 6%, so that can't be it.

Details for "Email" (Email, app version 2.6.1 (237), Boxer Inc):

  • CPU total/foreground: 2h 16m 30s / 52s

  • Keep awake: 1h 55m 54s

  • Mobile packets received/sent: 1655/1985

  • Mobile radio active: 53m 2s

  • Wi-Fi packets received/sent: 58/68

Details for "Android OS":

  • CPU total: 2h 3m 12s

  • Keep awake: 23m 48s

  • Mobile packets received/sent: 3293/3039

  • Mobile radio active: 1h 1m 15s

  • Wi-Fi packets received/sent: 293/282

Does anybody have a clue what's going on here? Because I'm straight out of ideas after checking if the Boxer Email has a recurring memory leak, restarting the phone, looking for a way to disable syncing the entire email archive in the app (who knows, might just be it) or testing if it is caused by push synchronisation...

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