I updated my Samsung Galaxy S4 with Cyanogenmod 12. Phone is Sprint SPH-L720 dual band.

When I make or receive a call, when I put the phone to my ear the screen correctly becomes blank. When I move it away from my face, however, it stays dark. This thwarts any attempt to hit buttons, such as speaker phone or "press 1" for a menu option. The screen returns once the call completes.

As I recall, on the stock ROM with the phone, this sort of behavior could be configured with options, but being new to cyanogenmod, I have not found such options.

Regrettably, "cyanogenmod dialer" searches only find things to install new dialers. So I must rely on your expertise. Are there options I can change? Do I just not know the trick to get the screen back? Any advice?

Thank you

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The answer is hitting the power button. If the phone still does not wake up, a second press wakes it up.

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