I have a Nikon S800c. I forgot my unlock pattern and now the camera asks for my Google account. I'm facing two problems:

  • I can not set up Wi-Fi since the device is blocked. Being a camera, it has no other way of communicating other than with Wi-Fi.
  • The (poorly created) manual states how to set up Wi-Fi the first time you use the camera. It does not mention how to do a factory reset. There are no Volume up or Volume down buttons.

If I hold the Home button the camera turns on but after which, it shows the screen where Google account credentials are to be provided. If I turn it using the Power button I can use it as a normal (very good) camera.

How can I fully use my camera again (the Android part)?

I've talked to Nikon support who never fully understood the problem and promised an email with further instructions that never arrived. I have also looked for firmware updates but the product never got much attention and nowadays is discontinued and therefore there are no new firmware. I have tried all button combinations in order to do a factory reset.


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To do a factory reset on the Coolpix S800c Camera follow the steps:

  1. Go to settings by powering on the camera

  2. go to Privacy Settings

  3. Finally do the Factory Data reset...

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    There is no way to enter Privacy Settings since Android is not accessible
    – alvaroc
    Jan 28, 2016 at 13:53

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