I have a Nexus One with Android 2.3.3 and I use the default browser. My phone doesn't have "Swedish" as language setting, so I use English. But now when I use Google, I'm not redirected to the Swedish edition (google.se), probably because the browser doesn't use a Swedish locale. Is there any way I can change the locale for the browser? I have looked in the settings but couldn't find it. Any suggestions?


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On the google website homepage itself in your browser, scroll down to were it says:

iGoogle Settings Help

press 'settings'

and turn off 'allow use of device location'

I have then found my browser always goes to google.com (were it was going to google.de)


I've just seen you want the opposite. So perhaps turn this option on!

  • I'm sure for the android browser the locale is done on Googles side. Are you signed into google? I would set the location like I said. If your in sweden and the site is a good one you should get .se :-)
    – Blundell
    Oct 3, 2011 at 16:46

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