I would like a method to see a cleartext password decrypted from wpa_supplicant.conf on my Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android 5.0.1 The problem is that the passwords, or psk's, are encrypted and even if my device is rooted and I can access the file I can't see the passwords decrypted. From what I have learned reading on the web Samsung or Android changed so that all WIFI passwords are encrypted from an earlier version for security reasons.

The reason I need to see the password in cleartext is that I am working as IT manager for a company and the router can in some cases be hacked using an android phone. I would like to investigate further and need the option to actually see if the correct password was retrieved or if it is some default router pin or similar.

A typical psk would look like


And I have yet not been able to figure out what encryption method is used or how to unhash it. I would appreciate any help!

  • Not a coincident. I did not want to use a real psk key and thought best to use one that was "aready out there" – Don King Apr 15 '17 at 17:04

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