I have a Xaomi Redmi Note 4G and have installed PAC-ROM-asrupesh-UNOFFICIAL-PORT.zip from XDA - [ROM][PORT] PAC ROM UNOFFICIAL for Redmi Note 4G Single Sim. I followed the steps from the forum to install the ROM.

Now I do not have my Gmail Calendar. If I go to Calendar -> Settings I can see my Gmail account but no other calendar. If I hit Add Account there is no Gmail account.

If I go to Settings -> Accounts -> Google Account and click my Gmail account I want the calendar to be in my mobile, but I cannot see an option to sync calendar. It is not there.

Any idea how to add the Gmail Calender to my current ROM?

  • So what I did is to install Google Calendar and it did all that needed to be done so I can see my gmail calendar in android (or is that CM) native calendar application. – Radek Oct 10 '15 at 10:14

Have you checked calendar app is installed in your phone or not? I mean have you checked calendar app under Settings → App → Application? Search there and if you find it there then start its service. You can than access it.

Read this Google support article: Sync problems with the Google Calendar app

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  • That's what is interesting. If I go to Play and search for Google Calendar then I am able to install it. But then what app do I use then? CM calendar? – Radek Oct 10 '15 at 9:32

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