When I inserted SIM card into my phone I tapped the "cancel" button, assuming that it would be possible to unlock it later. But I fear that my assumption was wrong.

The device is a Sony Ericsson XPERIA X8.

Sadly I cannot find anything in "Settings" to unlock the SIM.

I have tried removing and inserting the SIM card several times, but it doesn't help. Somehow the devices remembers that I selected cancel. I'm not seeing any prompts related to unlocking the device.

I can see that the APNs page is empty. There is no Add button on it.

Settings -> Wireless & network settings -> Mobile network settings -> Access Point Names

Mobile network state

Firmware version

Build number

Model number

Is it hidden in another app or is there something I have overlooked?


Finally solved it.. I have found this ansewer by yy502 on cyanogenmod

1) you've missed the PIN prompt when phone starts up. no phone calls.
2) go to "location & security settings"
3) go to "set up SIM card lock"
4) un-tick "Lock SIM card"
5) enter your PIN as required
6) your phone will now connect to the mobile network. full bars!!
7) re-tick "set up SIM card lock" if you still want to protect your phone using SIM card PIN
8) enter your PIN as required 
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