I have a spare Android device which I always leave at home. I wonder if i can use it as a file server using its mobile hotspot because I don't have a router and internet at home. Friends always come and always ask to share a few MP3s. I'd like them to browse my Android server at their own leisure without deleting anything.

I have servers ultimate installed, but it always requires to be connected via router or Wi-Fi. Can't seem to find the option so that it will not require an active net connection.


Sure you can, you just need a samba server implementation on your android device (just like the PC)

Here is a full port of Linux Samba server which is very powerful: Sambadroid

This application allows you to share/manage files on your device easily from any device on your network. Simply start your mobile hotspot and let the devices connect.

Then start sambadroid, a good android file explorer can easily retrive the shares eg ES explorer, you can navigate to LAN>>Servers>>Scan and you should see a server called SambaDroid (unless you customized the name)

  • do you know of any free alternative app? only i found is com.icecoldapps.sambaserver for android 2.3+ but it's crashing when trying to add server
    – alecxs
    May 7 at 13:24
  • 1
    I'd recommend LAN drive - SAMBA Server & Client,not exactly free but full featured only limitation is speed capped at 0.5 MB/s May 7 at 15:08

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