OS: Windows 7 SP1 x64

Phone: Galaxy Ace 3 - android 4.2 (rooted)

I'm aware of normal tethering scenarios in which the user can share the Mobile Data connection with other phones/pcs via wifi-hotspot, bluetooth tethering or USB tethering and my phone is capable of all of them.

Let's assume my laptop is connected to the internet via lan and I want to share the internet with my phone via bluetooth(not wifi or usb). I think it's called reverse tethering.

Is there any way to accomplish this? (It seems Mac is capable of doing that: How to share your internet connection over Bluetooth)

by the way:

->this method is not working(using ICS): How to Share the Internet With Bluetooth

->BlueDUN app is for sharing mobile data/wifi connectivity of the phone with another phone/pc

->Toshiba Bluetooth Stack is not working

Update: On the Linux front there's an application called 'blueman' that does this

  • Why not do your reverse tethering over USB? Alternatively, why not buy a wireless router? – unforgettableid Oct 13 '15 at 11:20
  • 3
    it's not matter of other options, it's about knowing the possibility of such a scenario – wiki Oct 13 '15 at 14:14
  • I don't understand. – unforgettableid Oct 13 '15 at 16:35
  • I like to think that there are many hypothetical situations this would be beneficial for. An example would be if you're away from home using a wired only connection, but your PC has a Bluetooth adapter handy. – Cora Nov 11 '15 at 14:37

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