I have a short mp4 video clip of an old cartoon I keep on my phone and occasionally send via MMS. The video is only 5 seconds long, 480x360, the video file size is 204kB. I sent this video file dozens of times using the default messaging app on a T-mobile Android 4.1.1 Prism II without error.

I now have a T-mobile Adroid 5.1.1 LG Leon and this phone refuses to send the video file via MMS using the default messaging app. When I try to attach the file, the LG Leon responds "video too large."

Note that is NOT an attachment file size limitation. The MMS attachment file size limit on this phone is 1024kB. The video file I am trying to attach is only 204kB. The error message for exceeding the attachment size limit is "attachment size limit exceeded." That is NOT the error message I'm getting. I'm getting "Video too large."

I tried reformatting the video: AVI, 3gp, MOV, lower resolution, different bit rates, The LG Leon refuses to attach the video file to an MMS message.

Any ideas?

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Try resolution of 320 by 240. It is what works on my Leon.

Also... Try this... Start a message. Click attach. Click from camera. Shoot a short 10 second video. Send the video. Then examine the video's details ...you will see it is 320 by 240 Best regards. Hutch.


The thing is - If you’ve ever tried to send a file larger than 300kb using the Messenger app on your Android device, you will likely get an error message similar to the following:

Message size limit reached. Sorry you cannot add this video to your message.

You could use email instead, but if you really want to use an MMS text message, you can use a third party messaging solution like ChompSMS. ChompSMS can be downloaded from the Google Play.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, open it and select “Menu” > “Settings“. You will see an option for “MMS Size Limit“. Here you can increase the file size limit to 1MB or set it to have no limit at all.


The maximum file size for picture/video messages depends upon the device's network capability. See signal indicator on the phone to determine which signal is being received.

Basic Devices that are only 1xRTT capable (indicated by "1x" indicator) can send/receive a maximum file size of 350 KB. Basic Devices that are Rev 0 EVDO capable (indicated by "1X") can send/receive a maximum file size of 500 KB. Rev A EVDO (indicated by "3G") and 4G LTE capable (indicated by "4G" or "LTE") devices can send/receive a maximum file size of 1,200 KB. Devices using Verizon Messages (Messages+) can send files up to 100 MB.

The maximum file size that can be sent from an email to a device as a Mult-Media Messageis 3 MB. Larger files can be sent via email to email. If a device sends a file to a device with a lower file size limit the file is reduced to a file size acceptable by the receiving device. Many devices are capable of sending messages that exceed intercarrier file size limits (typically 300-600 KB). A message that exceeds the other carrier's limits is rejected and doesn't reach the intended recipient.

Lowering the camera resolution reduces the image file size.

Some Android devices have a Video Trimmer feature to reduce the size of the video allowing it to be sent via MMS.

Hope this might help you. Please let me know if you have further doubts. And also if this answer satisfied you just put an upvote. THANK YOU!!!

  • OP specifically stated that the file he is sending is only 204kB large, which is less than all of the limits you mentioned, even for 1xRTT phones. He also stated that the error message he is getting is NOT "attachment size limit exceeded." Is it more specifically a "video too large" error.
    – LyricWulf
    Apr 3, 2018 at 4:40

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