We're looking at rolling out 100+ android devices and would like to lock them down to managed profiles. This is mainly to prevent excessive data usage (youtube and the like) - Android for work allows us to whitelist apps, set policy etc; but this is in addition to the standard user account.

This is cost sensitive, so is there a solution out there that will allow us to lock the phone down to only the managed work profile so that additional applications cannot be installed?

  • Why dont you use Device Owner ? Commented Dec 11, 2015 at 8:13

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You could use apps like AppLock and lock the Play store: this way, without a password set by you the user shouldn't be able to install anything. I don't know if there are better solutions, maybe already implemented in android for work; and I don't know, more important, if this has any drawback on app updates. But worth a try, if you have no other ideas.


As I understood what you want is a way to manage multiple devices and add restrictions and do other configurations for multiple devices at once.
If so, you can go for a Enterprise Mobility Management System. There are opensource EMMs as well which you won't need to pay.

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