• Microsoft Outlook App on Android
  • Microsoft Outlook for Windows, version 2007

I currently have a work account which I have synced with my Android, and for some reason, all of the calendars I've ever accepted on my work's account (and deleted on my desktop) are still showing up on my Outlook App on my Android.

Aside from being annoying (given that all their respective reminders are still popping up), I have on many occasions accidentally added a new reminder onto an old calendar which, if isn't a "shown" calendar, ends up hidden and I never know about it.

How to delete old calendars from Microsoft Outlook Android App?

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I found the discussion on Microsoft Community helpful:

What worked in my case was:

  1. Deleting both Outlook account from account settings and Outlook app
  2. Creating a Microsoft Exchange account according to instructions from the link above
  3. Installing once again Outlook app, but this time using not Outlook settings but Microsoft Exchange settings