I want my hone to be used as network drive, by sharing folders over network. So that I can access it from My windows PC. I want to use SMA protocol for that. I am using OnePlus One, CM12.1 OS with ES file explorer.


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If you have a rooted phone, you can use one of these two apps that let you set up a samba server: Samba Server or SambaDroid (they are portings of Samba for Linux). Of course, you can find and use any other equivalent app. Root is required because Windows doesn't recognise non-conventional servers (i.e. which use non-standard ports), so you must be able to change the default ports on your phone. If your device is not rooted, then you can:

  • create a Samba server with your PC, granting read/write privileges to the shared folders
  • use Es file explorer as a samba client (the smb protocol is built in)

In order to do it, follow these steps in Es (I will cover only the android side, assuming you know/will find out how to set up servers on PC):

  • open side menu, go to 'network' and choose LAN
  • touch the plus sign at the bottom right corner, this interface will pop up: popup
  • leave the 'domain' field empty
  • fill in the server name (local ip address of your PC), and username and password that you set up for your server
  • do not check the 'anonymous' box (if your server isn't password protected then check it)
  • choose a name for the server to be displayed on your phone And that's it. This should do the trick (as long as you enable r/w on your PC), doesn't require root and is well built in to Es file manager.

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