com.browser.player suddenly appeared to my installed application when I connect to a wireless data. It periodically shows advertisement on the screen which is annoying.

I tried to uninstall from Settings > Applications > Manage applications but it's still there.

How to remove it?


According to Julius's post on Android Central, you need to turn off its device administration first.

Settings -> Security -> Administration, then Deactivate it. Now you can uninstall it.

Assuming you have Samsung device (based on the original revision),

  1. Press Home key and then tap Menu key > Settings > More.
  2. Tap Security, and then tap Device administrators.

From User Manual for Samsung Galaxy S3 by Sprint

For other model, please consult its user manual.


If yours is a rooted phone you can use system app remover like No bloat etc to remove system apps. Try searching for system app removers online. I don't think the option is there for non rooted phones

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