I'm attempting to backup my old Android device, a Samsung Galaxy S3, so that I can lend it to my friend while his is away at repairs, then restore it when he's done with it.

I have the Samsung USB drivers installed, and the device is recognised.

C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\platform-tools>adb devices
List of devices attached
4df7f9574edecf7f        device

I set a developer password, as per this post, which caused the "Backup starting..." to last about 3 seconds longer than before. It completes successfully, then produces a file that is 1kb.

C:\Users\...\AppData\Local\Android\sdk\platform-tools>adb backup -all -f D:\backup.ab
Now unlock your device and confirm the backup operation.


enter image description here

Does anybody know what's going on?

Thanks in advance.


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Try with more parameters, like:

adb backup -all -apk -obb -shared -nosystem -f "yourFile.ab"

*Unless you have a rooted phone, I don't recommend -system. Use -nosystem instead.

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