There is something in the Play store app that bugs me ever since I found out the problem exists: I cannot add previously uninstalled apps to the wishlist.

I made my research and found this thread on XDA where they acknowledge the problem, then this suggestion on Reddit which didn't even get a response and this useless thread on the Google Play help forum. I didn't find any other direct reference to the problem.

I tried to clear cache for the Play Store, but like with the guy that opened the XDA thread, it didn't work. I made sure to delete the app from the 'All apps' on all my devices. The web interface still shows 'Installed', I think this can be related. I think the problem lies in the Play Store, without anything the user can do to overcome the issue.

So my question is: does anybody know of Google acknowledging/addressing the issue in the future? Or, if there exists a workaround?

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