When on my home WiFi network (or really any open network), when the WiFi drops or lags my phone automatically connects to my sister's phone (or that oepn network's 4G/5G alternative).

For example:

Our WiFi name is NetGear77. When it kicks me off NetGear77 due to instability or not loading fast enough, it forces me to connect to NetGear77-5G, which is my sister's phone.

My question is, how can I stop my phone from connecting to the other network when the WiFi lags or drops? It is weird when I can see my sister is searching up stupid crap like Twilight. I already have mobile data turned off, but I don't think it does anything.


Remove your sister's WiFi network from your list of APs.

  • Settings-> WiFi
  • Long press the network name, which should be "NetGear77-5G"
  • Select "Forget Network".

Also your sister probably should not be running a WiFi access point all the time. This will reduce her battery life, among other security issues.

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