I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask.

I've the stackExchange Stackoverflow app on my android smartphone. I signed up to stackoverflow on my PC using my g+ account.

The app's login screen doesn't offer g+ login. I dont't have a user/pass combo set up. How can I log-in to SO on my android phone?


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    The log in page has a "Log in using Google" button on my device. Is that not available for you? Does your phone have your Google account set up? I believe the SE app uses the system's account management APIs to sign you in. – eldarerathis Oct 31 '15 at 2:37
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    While you asked the question at the right place, the most suitable place for the questions about this app (bugs/feature-request/ other issues) is Meta Stack Exchange. Use the tag android-app there. – Firelord Oct 31 '15 at 6:37

If you can't see Log in using Google, which is strange, use "Login using another OpenID".

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