Android sometimes has this strange habit of not automatically reconnecting, when it looses connection to the router. I have an Android tablet running 24/7 using a bot to do stuff on the Internet. But sometimes, the connection breaks, and i have to manually click on the wlan symbol in the dropdown thingy the force android to reconnect the the router. This is annoying, because I have to check multple times a day, whether the bot is still working and reconnect if not.

This happens approximatly once/twice a week. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab SM-T230, Android 4.4.2

Does anyone know how to fix the problem/why android does that?


You may be able to fix the problem using Tasker (paid; 7 day free trial) or MacroDroid (free/paid) or AutomateIt Pro and I don't have a reliable way to test my answer so I can't fix some flaws.


The macro would be:

  • Trigger: Wifi State Change → Disconnect from Network → select your network
  • Action: Wifi Configure:

    • Connect to Network → select your network


    • Disable Wifi
    • Enable Wifi
  • Constraint:

    • Wifi State → Not Connected to Network → select your network


    • Wifi State → Wifi Enabled


Profile would be:

  • Trigger: State → Net → Wifi Connected → check Invert
  • Task: Action(s):

    • Net → Wifi Net:

      • Action: Reconnect
      • check Force


    • Net → WiFi → Off
    • Net → WiFi → On
  • Additional trigger: Net → Wifi Near → select SSID of your network

AutomateIt Pro

The free version requires me to connect to internet (which I'm unwilling to) to unlock a feature, so perhaps, free version can also do the job here.

The rule would be:

  • Trigger: [Composite AND Trigger]:

    • Wifi Network Connection State Trigger:

      • Monitored Network: select your network
      • Connection State: Disconnected
    • Wifi Network Available Trigger:

      • Network Name: mention the SSID of your network
      • check In Range
  • Action: [Composite Action]:

    • Set Wifi State Action → Wi-Fi Disabled
    • Set Wifi State Action → Wi-Fi Enabled

That should work.

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