OK, the android studio really drive me crazy.

At first, AVD cannot launch and I have post my issue here to https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33417842/avd-not-running and failed to create new virtual device https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33419733/throwable-failed-to-create-the-sd-card

After install Android SDK Tool from sdk manager and HAXM installer, it finally can lunch but https://stackoverflow.com/questions/33527421/emulator-cannot-start-up.

After I increase the emulator memory, my emulator works fine but I cannot use real device to run my project.

Error: Power Surge On Hub Port: A USB device has exceeded the power limits of its hub port

I'm not sure whether the error exists is due to the emulator setting because it can run before the emulator memory get increased. Anyone can help? It totally frustrating.

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