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I am interested in installing Android 6.0 on my device Huawei Honor 7 (PLK-L01).

At this point in time, the device name is not listed in the Android website as a supported device. Would i still be able to install it?

I am really interested to understand the reasons why a certain Android-based device can't support the latest version of Android OS.

Thank you for reading my questions. Any help or explanation would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Sorry unable to link as my cell is playing up but please see honor 6 International Facebook page... Your device is amongst devices to receive updates starting February 2016. Beta test invites are on in India. – beeshyams Nov 7 '15 at 13:51
  • Always include your phone model in question title so that it's easily searchable by others.. BTW, Honor 7 will eventually get 6.0 update.. Until then, you either wait, or try the beta ROM if any (as said by @beeshyams) or any custom ROM based on 6.0 if there's any. – Gokul NC Nov 7 '15 at 14:11