Or, 'My tablet's hardware "Volume Up" button is broken, now what?'

I'm trying to root an Asus TF300TG Transformer tablet (a 2012 model, unlocked) following this guide on XDA Forum:

  • I have installed the USB drivers on my computer
  • Rebooted tablet to fastboot
  • Flashed the TWRP recovery without problems
  • (Rebooted normally, verified that tablet still works as usual)
  • Rebooted to fastboot again
  • Got to the point where I should boot to the new recovery

That step requires me to press the Volume Up button to select the recovery option on this screen:

In my tablet, however, the button is broken (and has been for some years now). Is there a way to get into recovery without actually pushing it?

What I've tried:

  • Pushing harder
  • Pushing the other two HW buttons: Volume Down moves the selection, Power does nothing
  • Connecting the keyboard dock: there is a Volume Up button, but it doesn't do anything in fastboot mode; none of the dock buttons do anything
  • Connecting a USB keyboard via the dock: no keypresses seem to do anything in fastboot
  • Rebooting to recovery using fastboot reboot recovery: invalid command
  • Booting an image using fastboot boot twrp.blob (and various other recovery images from my computer): loaded to tablet, then failed (note the empty error message)
    downloading 'boot.img'...
    OKAY [  0.398s]
    booting... FAILED (remote: )

Is there a different way to get to recovery?


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Yes, there is a way.

  • boot the tablet normally
  • enable USB debugging
  • connect to computer by cable
  • from the computer, run adb reboot recovery
  • tablet reboots directly to recovery
  • Done!

I was trying to issue this command in Fastboot (where it's not supported) instead of ADB (where it works).


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