A few months ago I reset my phone because it had began to break and get really laggy. I want to re-root it now, I was just wondering if it would reset my data if the bootloader is already unlocked?

  • Factory reset shouldn't unroot your phone. – SarpSTA Nov 11 '15 at 20:16
  • No. A factory reset won't unroot your phone as a reset only affects the /data and /cache partitions, and root resides on the /system partition. – Tamoghna Chowdhury Nov 12 '15 at 8:33

I'm not familiar with the G2 specifically, but in general, no, rooting a device on its own should not wipe data. Rooting your phone is the process of getting the su binary installed and available to access root privileges. That said, @SarpSTA is right in stating that a factory reset shouldn't unroot your phone. The su binary is placed in the system partition, which is left intact on wipe. If a wipe touched /system, your phone would be bricked and unusable, requiring a low-level flash to recover. What you may be missing is an app, such as SuperSU, to control access to root.


You re-flashed your phone or just done "Factory Reset"?I think that it would not wipe your data if you root your phone in case that you re-flashed it, but if you just have done" Factory Reset " it have to be already rooted.


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