What is the purpose of android.process.acore?

I see many, many questions about acore-related error messages and how to fix them, but not really anything about what the process is in the first place. All I was able to find is this thread at xda-developers which suggests it has something to do with Contacts storage. Can anyone provide a more detailed explanation?

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    android.process.acore seems to be a process specifically defined for an activity of ContactsProvider/ContactsStorage app. See what is android:process and the answers for Usage of android:process. Overall, it's a process name defined by an app for its component. That's all I needed to know.
    – Firelord
    Nov 16, 2015 at 17:47
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    For me it belonged to /system/app/ContactsProvider.apk
    – Jeff Luyet
    Sep 19, 2023 at 18:36


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