I'm about to buy and oldie - first generation of Motorola Moto E (XT1021) and everywhere I look it says it works on KitKat (4.4) but I've seen some posts about (oficially - OTA) updating it to 5.1.1.

I don't want to root or do some weird magic, so my question is:

  • can I just unbox this phone and it will automagically update to Android 5.1.1 (I'm living in Poland), how long will it take (yes, I'm in a hurry as you can see, I just need to have Android 5.1.1-based phone on my desk by tomorrow),
  • is there a single place where I can find a list of all Android phones with original Android versions AND latest Android updates for them? Because right now it looks like a mess, you're buying a phone, and every seller shows you the original Android version supported by the device, not the most recent one you can actually install...

Thanks a lot!


The phone runs 4.4 and then requires Motorola Update Services from Google Play to update to 5.1. NOT 5.1.1. Wasted cash :(

  • Why Stop with 5.1.1? You can try using Custom ROMs like CyanoGenMod which have Marshmallow. (I am having Moto E2 and using Mokee 6.0.1) – Anu Shibin Joseph Raj Jan 30 '17 at 14:56

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