I have recently upgraded my Samsung Galaxy N3 (SM-N9005) to Android 5.0 in the hope that I would get the heads-up style notifications. According to online resources I have found, this option is called "Allow Peeking" and is found under the notification options for each app.

However, when I go into the notifications for the apps I have installed, none of them have the "Allow Peeking" option.

Is there something else I need to enable? If not, how do I get the "Allow Peeking" to appear?


"Heads-Up" Notification is introduced in Android Lollipop. However you can only disable the feature by updating to Marshmallow. Marshmallow has the option for disabling Heads-Up notification so-called "Allow Peeking".

Below is the screenshots for Lollipop and Marshmallow.

enter image description here

App notifications on Lollipop

enter image description here

App notifications on Marshmallow

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