In Bluestacks app when I am installing the XMod, the app says to root device. But how can I root Bluestacks? Please help.


Yes it works and I have been using it for some time now.

  1. Download the XMod APK This is official site
  2. Now you need rooted bluestacks
  3. Here is the link to Rooted Bluestacks I am using
  4. This bluestacks does not require rooting s it is pre-rooted
  5. Install it on PC and open the XMod APK using Bluestacks

And that is basically it. I hope it helps. :)


You have to root your BS, to work around for XMod in Bluestack. Well there are tools that can really work to root your Bluestack. There is a best XDA thread that really works.

You need this tool - BlueStacks Auto Rooter / Unlocker

  • Download this tool and Chainfire's latest SuperSU. from the link given below.

  • Choose the 'CWM / TWRP / MobileODIN installable ZIP' version. Extract this program and add the downloaded 'UPDATE-SuperSU-*.zip' to the program folder.

  • (Re)Start BlueStacks, wait until it is fully loaded, then run MultiTool and press 1.

  • WARNING: DO NOT stop this tool in the middle of the rooting process.

  • Follow the instructions on the screen carefully. Run this tool as Administrator if your current user account is restricted.
  • Your BlueStacks will be restarted several times to accomplished the tasks, do not close or stop it.
  • For older versions of BlueStacks, press 'Yes' immediately when prompted if you want to Quit.

Taken Source :


To install XMod in BlueStack : Watch this Video :


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