Am using Samsung note 3 neo from few day I am facing a problem in call logs whenever this is a missed call, dialed call or rejected call that will not show in call log for certain period later it will listed and show.. I have cleared all the cached files then also issue is presuming same. Please help !!

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    Need more details. What android version? When did it start happening (did it start happening after you did something specific)? Are you on stock rom? – Jaskaranbir Singh Nov 29 '15 at 4:15
  • Andriod Version : 4.4.2 Started from last 10-15 days back nothing specific i did No idea about stock rom – Uzair Ahmed Nov 29 '15 at 4:17

Go to settings, then apps, scroll to show all apps, go down until you see a phone icon that says call and message log, force stop it and switch phone off, leave about 2 minutes and restart phone, should all be back in place, hope it helps

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