My home is in a remote location and as Google Maps doesn't have street-specific database for my location, I can't write my address like (House No, Street, Society, etc). I can only set my home to my society and the home on Google maps is around 200 metres away from my actual home (center of the housing society).

Is there a way I can set my home address accurately (e.g. through coordinates)?

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Yes, is possible to set the home and work locations using coordinates. In Google Maps app go to menu -> settings -> edit home or work -> edit home address. Now enter the coordinates in the search box and it will be saved. I am inclined to think that this will work, because I tried with random coordinates corresponding to a spot in the sea and Maps let me use them. If it doesn't, consider sending a request to Add a missing place, which you can do from inside the app as follows:

  • Search for an address.
  • At the bottom, touch the address.
  • Touch Add a missing place.

Note, though that:

Adding places using Google Maps isn't available everywhere, but you might be able to use Google Map Maker to add places that matter to you.

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