I read this QA but it didn't specfically address my question. I also only found how to block a contact or someone that already sent you a message.

Say I have blocked numbers on my phone. They are not contacts. I don't want to hear from them. I don't want them to message me - ever.

How can I block someone when there's no chat between myself and them? (avoid potential harassment)

Or, alternatively, can I make it to only receive messages from people on my list?

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On Whatsapp you can't block people just by their usernames. You must open the chat between you two and block the person from the right-top menu. However, you can add that number as a contact, open the Whatsapp chat screen (you don't have to chat them. Just open their chat screen.) block them and then delete them from your contacts again.

And no again.

Whatsapp doesn't support a feature like "Receive texts from my contacts only." But you can reduce what people who aren't in your contacts can see about your profile (Last seen, Profile photo, Status)

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    That's the conclusion I pretty much reached, but I was hoping differently. Thanks! Commented Dec 2, 2015 at 12:45

I am worrying over a similar concern (stalker at work) and what I have done is this: I save his number on my phone. Then I open WhatsApp and go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked Contacts > and then I add this person, who appears on my WhatsApp list, to the blocked list.

I use a different number for my professional network and another number for family & friends (also WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.) and so far haven't received any WhatsApp text from this creepy coworker. However recently my private mobile number was accidentally leaked to him, so if I do hear from him on WhatsApp I will update this entry.

Also, I set my WhatsApp settings so that only my contacts can see my status and my photo. To do the same, go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Who Can See My Personal Info > change your preferences there. You can also set it so that nobody can see your status and photo.

Hope this helps.

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