We have a rotating on-call schedule. When an on-call person takes over, they forward the on-call phone number to their own cell-phone. This is a process which must be done manually each week, as the on-call changes over from one person to the next.

I've checked the most obvious potential app (IF by IFTTT) but it doesn't seem to support setting call forwarding.

Is there a way to set a call forwarding number based on a defined schedule?


This can be done in Tasker.

  1. Create a profile 'Call forwarding at home'

  2. Add a context for 'Day' and a context for 'Time'

  3. Add a task 'Call' with 'Auto Dial' and the special number to enable call forwarding (i.e. '*21#')

  4. Add to the context for the location an exit task 'Call' with 'Auto Dial' and the special number to disable call forwarding (i.e. '#21#')

Source: Enable/disable call forwarding at location - Tasker Wiki

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