I'm trying to unbrick a soft-bricked Android phone, and many tutorials say to use ADB to fix it, but I cannot use ADB or fastboot, since the device is not reconized. It's a Lenovo Zuk Z1, I am running Lubuntu, and it bricked because i formatted every single partition with CWM recovery, I can go into Zuk Recovery and download mode.

  • Welcome to the Android Enthusiasts! If you really wiped every single partition, your device has no OS anymore – you will need to flash a ROM. See: Where can I find stock or custom ROMs for my Android device? – Izzy Dec 6 '15 at 19:01
  • I have already tried to flash a new ROM with fastboot and heimdall. That is my exact problem, I can't do anything on it now. – Alex Gallegos Dec 6 '15 at 19:08
  • I don't know that device; but can't you flash a ROM from within CWM? – Izzy Dec 6 '15 at 19:26
  • I suppose I can, but i cannot go into CWM anymore. – Alex Gallegos Dec 6 '15 at 20:46
  • Argh. So you wiped /recovery as well? Uh-oh. Sorry, in that case I'm out. That doesn't leave many choices (if any at all except for JTAG). Guess you've successfully created a paperweight :( You could try customer care and ask whether there's the possibility to boot from an SD card (that way I was able to resurrect a tablet in a comparable situation); apart from that, no more ideas here, sorry. – Izzy Dec 6 '15 at 20:51

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