I just got a new Motorola Droid Turbo 2, Android 5.1.1 I have 2 gmail accounts & 1 just disappeared (it was there as of yesterday), altho I can access it from any computer. I have tried to add the acct by doing the obvious: "Add Account" on my gmail page, and "Add an Acct" in Android settings w/no luck. Both seem to be treating it like I'm trying to establish a new acct not an existing one.


Storing this for future reference and to help others.


  • 2 (multiple) gmail accounts
  • desktop computers fine
  • android mobile phone
    • 1 gmail account accessible the other not
    • had removed google authenticator 4 months ago on previous mobile
  • new mobile 1 month ago

    everything syncing and accessible till recent google account password change


  • tried cache apps deletes, reboot
  • tried google resync
  • then tried android mobile google account remove of non-accessable gmail account
  • successfully installed google authenticator on mobile by switching to working google acount via desktop computer
  • then tried disable 2 step authentication
  • then tried changing google account via lastpass (wanted one common password for both google accounts) which failed
  • changed google account password successfully via google account. Rebooted mobile. Waited 1/2 hour for servers synching. Now able to logon to both accounts on mobile.


  • only using lastpass on desktop and not mobile device
  • google server synching most likely much quicker than 30 minutes
  • I have not tried individual google account passwords yet
  • I have turned google account 2 step verification back on
  • I have not setup google authenticator app yet

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