Just rooted my new Chinese tablet - an adventure for me. I used Kingroot apk. It uses KingrootSU app as GUI manager for superuser permission. I want to use my Superuser Elite instead though. How can I do so?

  • "My attempts were near disaster" -- please elaborate in detail.
    – Firelord
    Dec 11, 2015 at 8:03

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Just use this tool and this guide. I used it myself on LG G3, because Kingroot was my last resort for rooting.

It definitely worked, but there was one Kingroot app left over, called Purify, which I guess was added to Kingroot after the script was made, so I would suggest adding the following lines to the script:

am kill com.kingroot.purify
pm uninstall com.kingroot.purify
rm /system/app/purify.apk >/dev/null
rm -r /system/app/purify>/dev/null

Or, what I did was once I had supersu installed, to be totally sure that Kingroot was gone, I installed TWRP, then completely erased the normal partition and installed Cyanogenmod 13.0.

good luck!

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