I have experience with Windows, the MacOS, the iPad and Linux UI's like KDE. I have not used an Android device however so I do not really understand how it works and compares. My general understanding is that it is similar to Gnome-like Linux interfaces, but I guess there must be some differences since Android has a layer of Java, the Dalvik/ART virtual machine, between the Linux kernel and the UI elements.

I have read the Android developer overview to the UI but that has not really helped me understand how the UI operates from a workflow basis.

Obviously I could just buy an Android tablet and use it for a few months, but I am hoping there is some way for me to understand the Android UI and how it differs from other major UIs. How can I get this knowledge?

  • You can have a look at Material Design for UI guideline, though it's not specific to Android only. – Andrew T. Dec 12 '15 at 14:19

Only by using Android device.

If you don't want to buy a tablet or phone, just install Android emulator like Genymotion, Bluestacks or a classic emulator from Android SDK, but none of these would give you the great experience as using and playing with real device.

You can also watch many tutorials like Android Development for Beginners which provides you a some useful information, but no direct experience

I'm saying this not only as a Android fan, but also as experienced Android Developer

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