My original battery is bloated and is dying quickly after a full charge so I now bought a replacement. Do I need to calibrate this new battery using a calibration app?

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Calibration of batteries (Li Ion or Li Po, used in almost all mobile devices) is a myth

You can start using it straight away and charge as you normally did with earlier batteries

This post will help you understand more:

Looking for a consistent answer about battery calibration

Using calibration apps doesn't really help as the battery files in system (to which these apps write) are renewed and previous data erased when you charge / reboot

As explained in this article

It [Batterystats.bin file which stores calibration information] has no impact on the current battery level shown to you. It has no impact on your battery life.......it is reset every time you unplug from power with a relatively full charge (thus why the battery usage UI data resets at that point)...

Explanation in Italics mine from the same article

Related Myth : Charging a new battery for X hours

Charging a new battery for x hours before use is a "legacy hangover" from the days when Nickel Cadmium batteries were used. Those batteries had a "memory effect". As a result, over a period of time, they "remembered" lesser battery capacity than rated capacity. To prevent this, it was advised to always fully charge these batteries

  • This is not the case with Lithium Ion or Lithium polymer batteries. There is no logic to charge fully or x hours before use. Just use the battery normally, as suggested by others in comments

  • Table 1 corroborates with additional information


You don't need a calibration app for that. Just fully charge the battery to 100% (in one run), let it run down to below the 20% mark, the recharge it to 100% (again in one run without interception) – battery calibrated.

And as that describes a "normal day" with recent devices (take it from the charger at 100% in the morning, put it back almost depleted in the evening): No calibration needed at all, you calibrate it as a side-effect :)

All those calibration apps do in addition is removing the batterystats.bin file – which doesn't do anything to calibrate the battery (an old myth in fact).

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