Whenever I select anything I have Google on Chrome, I always get redirected to another spam like site or says my phone is infected. I have an antivirus software which doesn't pick up any virus infected on my phone.

Others suggest blocking JavaScript, which works but you cannot view any site or video after. Is there a way to prevent always being redirected?


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Try anyone of these:

  • Root the phone. Use Adblock plus app. Rooting voids warranty.
  • Use Firefox with Adblock extention installed. This doesn't require rooting.
  • Use Adblock browser. Rooting isn't necessary here.
  • Use UC mini browser with Speed mode enabled. Browsing experience will be deteriorated.
    I recommend second method the most. Please don't ask for links. Everything can be found using Google.
  • @Firelord - I know you would reply before OP ;-) Links added... Commented Dec 19, 2015 at 5:06

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