After updating my android 5.0 (lollipop) phone (Samsung Note 3 N9005) my contact list couldn't open. When I want to open my contacts there was always a process like "updating contact list" and I couldn't open my contacts. Also my Whatsapp contacts were always refreshing when I open whatsapp and click my contacts and it takes long time.

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I resolved the problem like below:

  1. Go Settings->General->Cloud->Sync Settings
  2. Tap to "Sync Contacts"
  3. Then go back Settings->General->Application Manager->ALL section
  4. Select "Contacts" then Clear Data and Clear Cache.
  5. Select "Contacts Storage" then Clear Data and Clear Cache (All contacts removed).
  6. Go Settings->General->Cloud->Sync Settings
  7. Tap to "Sync Contacts" to bring your contacts again.

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