I would like to run a https://www.headwave.de/ speaker on my motorbike helmet and a separate Bluetooth mic. The speaker is only for music but will play phone call audio.

The question is: Is there an app that will let me separate the in and out channels within Bluetooth so I can connect two individual Bluetooth devices at the same time?

I am using an HTC1 android. They have it on the turtle beach headsets for PlayStation and Xbox.


"bluetooth connections can occur simultaneously as long as their operational bounds do not overlap. In other words, you cannot connect two bluetooth headsets at the same time, but you can connect a bluetooth keyboard and bluetooth mouse to the same device at the same time (I personally have tested this last scenario, and it works!)" - (Pair two Bluetooth devices simultaneously by jlehenbauer) So yes, is possible but depends on how the Bluetooth profiles were set up by the manufacturers for your mic and speakers.

Your stock Bluetooth manager should work for this, no need for an app.

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