I actually can't open the settings and desperately want to clear the cache of an app which is not working properly. When I open the settings app it is forcefully closed down again and again. How do I resolve this? Does anyone one have idea about how do I clear app cache/data on android without accessing settings?

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    Do you have USB debugging enabled or root access? You can easily use pm clear PACKAGE using adb or clear the cache files using a file explorer if rooted. – Firelord Dec 21 '15 at 21:12
  • Firelord, why not make this an answer. – davidbaumann Feb 26 at 5:03

Clean Master can clear your app's cache and data. CCleaner is less intrusive, but does not work well with some devices. You might want to try them both out.

Just in case you want a quick method to clear your app data, and do not want to install anything, you could try opening your recent apps (you can access it by tapping one of the buttons on the bottom of your phone, and it shows a list of all the apps that are open). Then long-press the app which needs to have its data cleared, and select App Info. This will take you directly to the settings page in which you can clear the app's data.

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