I want to make a FAT 32 partition on unmontable flash because I did something wrong that I can get mount agaim the internal SD of my tablet. So I start with (in ubuntu environment)

adb shell
cd ./dev/block/vold

then with ls command I see as result


if I put

parted /dev/block/vold/93:64

I get the warning

/system/bin/sh: parted: not found

how can I make the parted command to work?. My further intention is to identify which of 93:64 or 93:65 is pointing to my flash storage and then I want to format this to FAT 32. Please, help.

  • Have you installed parted binary to begin with? First of all, does your Android have root access? Which device and Android version is it? – Firelord Dec 23 '15 at 11:53
  • I have root acces because I see root@android:/ #, the Android version is 4.0.3 also, with the command # cat /proc/partitions I get: 93 0 16384 nanda 93 8 16384 nandb 93 16 32768 nandc 93 24 409600 nandd 93 32 524288 nande 93 40 16384 nandf 93 48 32768 nandg 93 56 262144 nandh 93 64 6470656 nandi 93 65 5421056 nandi1 – JoeCoolman Dec 23 '15 at 14:10

The internal SD was unable to be mounted (indeed it was mounted but 0 bytes of memory) because it had errors made by me when I try to make a partition on it. I solve the problem easily, I got a external SD and I deleted its format in Gparted, then I put this in my device, a message popup showed if I want to repair it, click yes and Eureka !! my internal SD was repaired too. It seems that android device checked and repaired every SD card type in it and I get back my internal SD with its original 5 Gb !!!!.

Coool !!!

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