If I format my micro SD card as NTFS, will my phone see it? I need this because I want to transfer files larger than 4GB on my phone microSD card, but FAT32 allows just files up to 4GB.

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Honestly speaking, It depends on the manufacturer. As far as I am aware, the company has to get some license from Microsoft to include NTFS support. Speaking from experience, most (high-end) Samsung and HTC phones do while custom roms typically do not.

The only sure-shot method to confirm is by trying it out with an extra sd card...


I've already found an similar issue: SD card supported by Android 4.2.2

Here you would find this answer:

I have looked into this issue before, and as it stands at the moment, native android does not support exFAT or NTFS.

Support for additional formatting types are included in some ROMs because they have been specifically coded to do so such as AFAIK which I believe supports NTFS.

I think you are stuck with FAT32 unless you wish to root and flash a ROM that supports alternative formats.

Shortly, it seems it doesn't depend on manufacturer or Android version. It seems to be every Android phone may some issues with NTFS-formatted SD card.


Could exFAT be an option? It allows large files and some Android devices support it. Worth a try?

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