I factory reset my Acer Liquid z160 Android phone because it was getting laggy and can't open some apps. Now it is fixed. But I now have a new problem. This game I was playing for months on this phone, says it is not compatible with my phone. I still have the files of the game in my SDcard but app isn't there. I tried to update my phone but it says it is already up-to-date (4.2.2) What should I do?

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    Try to give a more clear title to your question. – Άνδρας Dec 25 '15 at 12:51
  • Did you try to download the game again? All apps which you installed would have been wiped after factory reset – beeshyams Dec 25 '15 at 14:24
  • Yes I have .. But it won't let me. It says its not compatible with my phone.also the game was installed in my sd card before I reset it which I remove before the reset. – Ej Kimblee Dec 25 '15 at 15:48

Simply find .apk file of that game on google, and then install it.


I have had this issue before. It means that you can not play the game in question due to incompatibles like if your device does not support multi-touch and the feature is then recommended for use in the game. If you have another device that you can play this on you can extract the app (50 / 50 chance). Some apps can be extracted others can not. You will in turn have to allow Unknown Sources(Risky for leaving on when done and otherwise) when you are to reinstall it. I have done this with a game, to play on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 that said "this device is not supported". You'll need to download an APK extractor first (APK: Android PacKage) WARNING: Sharing Applications Purchased by you (Free and or otherwise) is against Google Play's terms and conditions and or is in a grey area. Selling the app as your own WILL put your Google account under review for possible ban and or removal

  • Grey area -Open Source Hardware (Recommend to ask Developer Developer will recommend you to direct him/her to the app on his/her device and install)

After installing the APK extractor do as follows

  • find the app in question
  • extract
  • locate APK
  • Save to SD card and place into device of choosing
  • go to settings on device in question
  • go to Security
  • Allow Unknown Sources (Read Warning and continue at own risk)
  • goto folder with game in question
  • click the APK and install
  • done

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