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So, I recently upgraded from Nexus 4 to 5x. My contacts used to live on the sim, but since having to change sim (micro -> nano). I exported the contacts using the Contacts app to a .vcf file. I have now imported these contacts to my Gmail account via web.

On my Nexus 5x (6.0.1 update), I cannot see how I can sync contacts from Gmail. I have an issue where I cannot edit some contacts if I just import straight from the vcf file. I am logged in to my Gmail account.

This should be a simple task and I cannot figure it out.

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Figured it. I was browsing the Apps list and I had Google Contacts Sync app disabled, thinking I wouldn't use it. The edit pencil icon is now visible.


Remove your Google accounts from your phone, clear data for contacts and phone app. Delete your personal contact information (access it from notifications), then restart your phone and re-add your Google account.

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