As i'm working as a mobile software technician, alot of times i need to unpack some odin firmwares to add or remove some files, maybe adding some languages which isn't available in the firmware, then i repack it again so i can flash it with odin, i need to understand Samsung firmware structure, i need to know how exactly the system works, for example: I747 is an US phone, which comes with only 3 languages, if i want to add some other languages to it's firmware, then i need to understand the CSC tree first, so i can edit it and add the desired languages pack, i've been searching around for some tutorials about that but i couldn't find any, i know how to unpack and repack odin files, but as i said, i need to understand the system.


XDA is the go-to site for you


  • Phone Colour (Samsung specific)
  • CSC Product Code (Samsung specific)
  • CSC Sales Code (Samsung specific)
  • Country Region (Samsung specific)
  • RIL Serial Number (Samsung specific)
  • PDA Version (Samsung specific)
  • CSC Version (Samsung specific)
  • Changelist (Samsung specific)
  • Country of Origin ★ (Samsung specific)
  • Phone Manufacturing Date ★ (Samsung specific)
  • Knox Warranty Void ★ (Samsung specific)


  • Manufacturer
  • Phone Model
  • Device Name
  • Product Name
  • IMEI
  • Serial No
  • Bootloader Version
  • Baseband Version
  • Kernel Version
  • Build Number
  • Build Description
  • Fingerprint
  • Build Date
  • Android Version
  • Mobile Operator Name/Mobile Network Code
  • Total RAM, Screen size and resolution, Battery capacity and health

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