My configuration is in the title. I want to install custom ROM, but I can't access my device in Recovery Mode. I have ADB.

My tablet is usually visible by Windows:

  1. Normal run - as "Android Composite ADB Interface". Android 5.0 is also aware that it's connected in debug mode, so everything works.

  2. FastBoot menu, before I click "Recovery Mode" - "Android Bootloader Interface".

  3. After I click "Recovery Mode" - device disappears. No device, not even "unknown device", in Windows' Device Manager. ADB shows nothing, obviously.

What I did:

  • Enabled USB debugging and enabled for my specific PC (I had to boot normally and press "OK" on device).

  • Disabled connecting as MTP and enabled as PTP (camera), as some good guys figured out here: How do I get my Nexus 7 to show up in the adb devices list?

  • Tried restarting ADB server, re-plugging USB, etc.

Any ideas what's wrong? I've fought for hours with this. My only idea is that something's wrong with Android's permissions, but USB Debugging is active and MTP/PTP modes are configured properly...



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