I just go a new lg g3 today, and I noticed a pop-up saying to look at an app which lists all of the features. Now, I was in the app, but when I edited the app, the one time pop-up disappeared, and I want to open it up again.

enter image description here

I have tried searching in 'my apps' in play store, but it's not there. I manager to find it in 'application manager'

enter image description here

I want to reopen this app, and have been trying for a few hours now. Please help.

Thanks so much,



Smart Tips is part of Smart Bulletin - the permanent screen to the left of the other home screens on the default LG launcher.

It can be turned on/off in home screen settings, accessed either via the app drawer (three dots at the top right) or the settings app. Accessing Smart Bulletin settings

When you turn on Smart Bulletin, Smart Tips is automatically enabled. Occasionally it will notify you of new tips that are available.

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